Our Services
(Online options available)

For parents and children seeking help, you can schedule a one-time free 20-minute Phone Consultation. During the phone session, you can let us know your reasons for seeking assistance and get a sense of whether you are comfortable working with the psychologist. If both of you feel that you are a good fit, you can choose to schedule the next appointment.

Phone Consultation

This is a one-time free 20-minute Phone Consultation that gives clients a chance to connect with their potential psychologist in a comfortable, relaxed way to see if the psychologist is a good fit for them. In addition, the psychologist can get a better feel for whether her particular approach is best for the needs of the client and their family.

Clinical Evaluation & Consultation

The Clinical Evaluation & Consultation is the first step in the process of identifying the child’s symptoms and behaviours, and the context and challenges that may be causing them. Not only does this help parents to understand their child’s difficulties more clearly, it is also incredibly important for determining the effective options available for treatment and intervention.

Behavioural Consultation

During the behavioural consultation, we focus on improving the child’s adaptive behaviour through a function-based approach that emphasizes the use of positive behavior support strategies. The child is also supported through the acquisition of new skills themselves.

Individual Counselling

Each counselling session is one hour in duration, and in that time the psychologist works closely with the client to gain clarity in how they feel and what they see as the challenges they are facing and the therapeutic goals they have. Each session is an opportunity to build the therapeutic relationship, ensuring the client is comfortable, increasing trust so that the client can have a space to work through their challenges more comfortably. In this way, the counselling helps clients to reduce negativity and develop hope and collaboration, which therapeutic success is founded on.

Family Counselling

In family counseling, the psychologist builds an alliance with the family to explore and find adaptive ways of achieving individual and family goals. Understanding the family involves examining patterns of interaction between the child and family and determining the functional outcomes of behaviors in the context of interpersonal relations. Reducing negativity and developing hope and collaboration are the foundational steps in this process.

Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation

This is tailored to the needs and expectations of each individual client and their family. It may include assessment of cognitive ability, attention and executive functioning, academic achievement, social-emotional functioning, social-communication skills, and adaptive functioning.

A comprehensive psychological assessment report is often required to gain access to behavioural health services or special education services, and as such this can be a crucial process in any child’s journey to finding solutions for their problems.